Spring 19 preview

The first collection has not even been delivered yet but in the crazy world of fashion I have already designed Autumn/Winter 2019, am about to start on Spring 2020 but before then have the launch of Spring 19 about to happen in a few weeks.

The last month has been a whirlwind with a week in Hong Kong to sign off Spring samples and then fly to San Diego to do a photo shoot. NOT because I just decided I wanted some sunshine - I promise - I help with another brand in the US called Vignette (check it out here) and they are based in San Diego so with free accommodation and guaranteed sunshine for those perfect shots, it made sense to hop over the Pacific to get my photoshoot done as well as their photos for them!

Armed with just me and my camera I managed to take over 4000 photos in 3 days and got some AMAZING kids signed up for fun and frolics at the seaside. Some were professional models who just like the brand in the US and wanted to be part of the story so I was blessed with incredible support and (mostly) sunshine.

Doing a three day shoot on a beach with 34° and high humidity was not as much fun as it sounds but I thought you might quite like to have a sneak preview of whats shipping in January 2019!